Ajeeb Larki by Yaqoob Jameel Urdu Novel Free Download pdf


Ajeeb Larki by Yaqoob Jameel

عجیب لڑکی از یعقوب جمیل

یہاں سے حاصل کریں

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Ajeeb Larki (Strange Girl) by Yaqoob Jamil is a Crime Thriller Detective Story. Stories no matter which genre they belong, leave deep impressions on the readers. Sometimes reader starts feeling himself part of the story or wants to do the things hero of the story is doing. Ruby, the lead character of this novel is one of them, who was so fond of reading crime thriller and murder mystry solving stories. She started acting as a detective and watch everyone among his family and friends as suspects. One day she saw a ragged man sneaked out of her house, that kicked her detective senses and her curiousity developed this story.


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