Almas MA Biography And Complete List of Books

Almas MA Biography And Complete List of Books

Almas MA (Urdu: الماس ایم اے) is one of the most famous novel writers from Pakistan. She is famous for writing historical novels. Her language is pure and easy to understand. She narrates the story in such a vivid manner that the reader sees the characters moving in front of the eyes. The message of her novels is always loud and clear.

I tried my level best to find her complete biography on the internet through Google but all in vain. Below is given her short biography and list of her most famous novels.

List of Historic Novels by Almas MA

  1. Sultan Shahab ud Din Ghauri شہاب الدین غوری
  2. Ana Ke Pujari انا کے پجاری
  3. Mangol منگول
  4. Cleopatra قلوپطرہ
  5. Baghdad Jalta Raha بغداد جلتا رہا
  6. Aurangzeb Alamgir اورنگزیب عالمگیر
  7. Hassan Bin Sabah حسن بن صباح
  8. Jalte Safeenay جلتے سفینے
  9. Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi سلطان صلاح الدین ایوبی
  10. Falasteen فلسطین
  11. Iblees e Misr ابلیسِ مصر
  12. Musa Bin Nusayr موسی بن نصیر
  13. Sultan e Adil سلطان عادل
  14. Fateh ul Ruha فاتح الرہا
  15. Zarqa زرقا
  16. Amir Taimoor Gorgan امیر تیمور گورگاں
  17. Malika Bukhara ملکہ بخارا
  18. Khalid Bin Waleed خالد بن ولید
  19. Tipu Sultan ٹیپو سلطان
  20. Nawab Bahadur Haider Ali Khan نواب بہادر حیدر علی خان
  21. Hajjaj Bin Yousaf حجاج بن یوسف
  22. Sassi Punnun سسی پُنوں


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