Amber Naag Maria Part 44 (Lash Kay Tukray) by A Hameed


Amber Naag Maria Part 44 (Lash Kay Tukray) by A Hameed

یہاں سے حاصل کریں


Brief Introduction about the author – A Hameed:

Abdul Hameed, known as A Hameed, was born in 1928 in Amritsar and died on 29 April 2011 at the age of 83 in Lahore. He passed his secondary education in Amritsar, passed intermediate in Pakistan as a private candidate and join Radio Pakistan as an assistant script editor.After working some years for Radio Pakistan, he joined Voice of America, a private news channel reported. His first collection of short stories, Manzil Manzil, got a great acclaim from the readers and made him a well recognized romantic short story writer. Apart from writing short stories and novels, he wrote columns for national newspapers. He wrote many programmes for Radio and TV which had got tremendous acknowledgement from listeners and viewers.He was popular by drama Ainak Wala Jin for children in the 1990 and a great AMBAR NAAG MARIA Series also was a real fame for him. His other books are as below:
Amricano, Asaaib Zada Taboot, Bahaar Ka Akhri Phool, Bhianak Safar, Black Mailler, Chandni Raat Mai Saanp, Commando Boy Ka Faraar, Commando Jub Srinagar Mai Utray, Dehshat Gard, Dehshat Zada, Hatim Taai Africa Mai, Hatim Taai Dilli Mai, Hatim Taai London Mai, Hum Shaheed Honay Gayee Thay, Khalaai Ghari Ka Qaidi, Moat Ki Chalaang, Naag Karachi Mai, Naag Pathar Ban Gaya, Operation Kahota, Pur Israar Nakaab Posh, Purisraar Mandir, Qabar Ka Azaab, Sehra Ka Badal, Shaheed Zinda Hain, Shumshaan, Top Screct Mission, Top Secret Commando Mission, Train Mai Qatal, Who Botal Mai Band Ho Gai, Zanjeerain Toot Rahi Hain, Zonaash, Weeran Jazeera, Hands Up By Commando Series Part 7, Qartaba ki Khamosh, Qatil Sigaar By Commando Series 6, Delhi Action Commando Series Part 5, Kanta Zehrili Larki Commando Series Part 4, Kali Mata kay Naag Commando Series Part 3, Kashmir Kay Sarfarosh Commando Series Part 2, Target Pathankot Commando Series Part 1, Sirinagar kay Sherdil Commandos, Aur Chanar Julty Rahy, Peela Udas Chand, Barish mein Judai, Khazan ka Geet, Naarial ka Phoo, Daastango, Bhyanak Nagri, Weeran Jazeeray, Dastaan Go (Ashfaq Ahmed).


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