Amjad Javed Biography And Complete List of Books

Amjad Javed Biography And Complete List of Books

Amjad Javed (امجد جاوید) is famous for his storytelling. He is a novel writer, afsana writer, researcher, poet, and dramatist. Amjad Javed started his career in 1988 and after that, he never looked back. After acquiring a masters degree in journalism he got attached with Daily Jang Lahore in 1993. So, he wrote many columns and features in Jang newspaper.  He started novel writing through Monthly Urdu Digests.

Amjad Javed’s favorite topic is love and spiritualism. Due to this reason, he wrote “Ishq Ka Sheen Part 2” with full devotion and dedication. It got unbelievable fame and recognition. “Ishq Ka Sheen Part 3” also got published and in 2008 he wrote, “Ishq Ka Qaf” which became too famous also. His first novel was “Chehra” and then a historical novel “Taj Mahal”.  Another fantastic novel by him is “Jab Ishq Samandar Orh Lia”.

The publisher of “Ishq Ka Sheen Part 2” Mr. Gul Faraz says, “It was very difficult to find a suitable writer for writing this novel but then Amjad Javed was selected. He proved his worth so well that it is really outstanding.”

Below is given the complete of Amjad Javed’s novels and books which are available on Urdu Books Library. Courtesy Google.

Amjad Javed Complete List of Books

  1. Ishq Fana Hai Ishq Baqa عشق فنا ہے عشق بقا
  2. Ishq Kisi Ki Zaat Nahin عشق کسی کی زات نہیں
  3. Amrit Kaur (Kor) امرت کور
  4. Aurat Zaad عورت زاد
  5. Ishq Ka Qaaf عشق کا قاف
  6. Ishq Seerhi Kanch Ki عشق سیڑھی کانچ کی
  7. Jab Ishq Samandar Orh Lia جب عشق سمندر اوڑھ لیا
  8. Roshan Andheray روشن اندھیرے
  9. Taj Mehel تاج محل
  10. Faiz e Ishq فیضِ عشق
  11. Dhoop Ke Pighalne Tak دھوپ کے پگھلنے تک
  12. Saiban Suraj Ka سائبان سورج کا
  13. Ishq Ka Sheen (Part 2, Part 3) عشق کا شین
  14. Qalandar Zaat قلندر زات
  15. Chehra چہرہ
  16. Saya e Deewar سایہء دیوار
  17. Mehru مہرُو
  18. Campus کیمپس
  19. Zaat Ka Qarz ذات کا قرض
  20. Shelf Mein Rakhi Kitab شیلف میں رکھی کتاب
  21. Khanjar Bakaf خنجر بکف
  22. Manzil e Murad منزل مراد
  23. Manto Ke Niswani Kirdar منٹو کے نسوانی کردار
  24. Likhari Kaise Banta Hai لکھاری کیسے بنتا ہے
  25. Bay Rang Piya بے رنگ پیا

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