Amna Iqbal Ahmad Biography And Complete List of Books

Amna Iqbal Ahmad Biography And Complete List of Books

Amna Iqbal Ahmad (Urdu: آمنہ اقبال احمد) is a famous female story writer and novelist from Pakistan. She is the author of some bestseller novels. Most of her novel got published in monthly Urdu digests. Later on, they were published in the shape of books.

She has written a few books but she got fame from them. So, the quality of her work is great.

I tried my level best to find any information about Amina Iqbal Ahmad on the internet through Google but all in vain. If you know Amna Iqbal then please provide us with any information about her. Like the photo of Amna Iqbal, other books, her literary works, and any other useful information.

Amna Iqbal Ahmad Novels:

  1. Ik larki Choti Si اِک چھوٹی سی لڑکی
  2. Parosan پڑوسن
  3. Laut Aa Mere Sathi لوٹ آ میرے ساتھی
  4. Muskurai Bahar مُسکرائی بہار
  5. Dhund دُھند
  6. Sham Dhalay شام ڈھلے
  7. Bechain Baharain بے چین بہاریں
  8. Ajeeb Shakhs Hay عجیب شخص ہے
  9. Lofar لوفر
  10. Woh Sheher وہ شہر
  11. Akela اکیلا
  12. Soldier سولجر

دیگر تمام مصنفین کی کتابیں اور ناولز ڈاؤن لوڈ کرنے یا آن لائن پڑھنے کے لئے یہاں کلک کریں۔ شکریہ


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