Anwar Siddiqui Biography And Complete List of Novels

Anwar Siddiqui Biography And Complete List of Novels

Anwar Siddiqui (انوار صدیقی) was a great Pakistani writer who authored Urdu Novels for quite a while. His novels were not only famous in Pakistan but also in India as well. He is one of the most popular fiction writer from Sub-Continent.

Anwar most novels were serialized in monthly Urdu digests. These novels were later on published as a book. He is so famous among Urdu readers and lovers. Most of his novels were based on unique and engaging ideas containing action, suspense, thrill, romance, adventure and all other ingredients of fantastic fiction writing. His language was lucid and vivid.

People waited for the next episodes of all his novels published in monthly magazines. You can imagine how popular he was in fiction writing that many of his books were copied and published with fake names in India. I am not saying this on my own. I read an interview with Anwar Siddiqui somewhere and he told it to be so.

He was not angry at this but wanted to have people do not remove his name from publications. However, the height of his popularity can be easily judged by the facts mentioned above.  We have provided links to almost all the major books written by this great Urdu writer.

Anwar Siddiqui Bio

I tried my level best find some biographical information about him on the internet through Google but all in vain. Below I am providing all the links of Urdu Novels written by Anwar Siddiqui

List of Anwar Siddiqui Novels:

انوار صدیقی کے نمام ناولز کی لسٹ

  1. Dastak دستک
  2. Inka Rani اِنکا رانی
  3. Nanka ننکا
  4. Raqs e Iblees رقصِ ابلیس
  5. Brahmachari برہمچاری
  6. Barq Pash برق پاش
  7. Tar e Ankaboot تار عنکبوت
  8. Sona Ghat Ka Pujari سونا گھاٹ کا پجاری
  9. Taghoot طاغوت
  10. Ambar Bail امبر بیل
  11. Asaib Zada آسیب زدہ
  12. Aqabla اقابلا
  13. Jogi جوگی
  14. Darakhshan درخشاں
  15. Takhreeb Kar تخریب کار
  16. Abul Hol ابوالہول
  17. Inka اِنکا
  18. Khabees خبیث
  19. Kashkol کشکول
  20. Doosra Rukh دوسرا رُخ
  21. Woh Kaun Tha وہ کون تھا
  22. Double Game ڈبل گیم
  23. Ghulam Roohein غلام روحیں
  24. Robot روبوٹ
  25. Sood o Ziyan سُود و زیاں
  26. Do Kori Ki Aurat دو کوڑی کی عورت


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