Darakhshan by Anwar Siddiqui Complete in One Part

March 17, 2015

Book Name: Jogi


Jogi is an interesting novel written by Anwar Siddiqui. It is an amazing Urdu Novel. It is the story of young man who had outstanding satanic powers. He has three different personalities namely Azar, Ratan Kumar & Barkat Ali.  Cruel circumstances made him puppet in the hands of “Jogi“. How he became so strong? Something which also made him mental? and other questions like these will be answered when you will download Jogi Urdu novel or Read it Online from the links given below:

Information About PDF Book:

 Book Name: Jogi
 Writer: Anwar Siddiqui
 Language: Urdu
 Format: PDF
 Size: 4.32 MB
 Pages: 161


Writer: Anwar Siddiqui


Anwar Siddiqui has authored many Urdu Novels. He is a prominent Urdu Novel writer from Pakistan and written many books in Urdu language. His style of writing is very clear, lucid and easy to comprehend. This amazing Urdu Novel is one his best creations. He got fame through his Inka, Inka Rani, Aqabla, Sona Ghat Ka Pujari & Ambar Bail. Anwar Siddiqui has a unique style of writing. Anwar Siddiqui is the author of the book Jogi Novel Pdf.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

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Darakhshan by Anwar Siddiqui Complete in One Part

Free download Darakhshan by Anwar Siddiqui Complete in One Part in pdf format for offline reading and read online.


Anwar Siddiqui is the author of the book Darakhshan Novel Pdf. It is a thriller, suspense, and horror novel of Anwaar Siddiqui. The book contains a lot of action. It is famous novel and published serial wise in a monthly digest. Now you can download complete book in single pdf format.
Anwar Siddiqui is a famous story writer and novelist. He wrote many short and long stories in the different digest of Urdu. Anwar Siddiqui is known for his action books. I hope you like the book Darakhshan Novel Pdf and share it.

Darakhshan Novel By Anwar Siddiqui Pdf Free Download

Darakhshan novel complete 2 volumes authored by Anwar Siddiqui. Darakhshan is an interesting and mysterious novel contains the story of a beautiful dream of a Nawab comfort to his soul, which creates a huge vacuum in his life. To fill this gap, he is willing to adventures. What is the truth? This will be evaluated after you read this amazing story.

Click on the below mentioned link to read online and download Darakhshan complete 2 volumes in Pdf format for offline reading.

یہاں سے حاصل کریں

Download Darakhshan Volume 1

Download Darakhshan Volume 2

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