Dhoop Ke Pighalnay Tak by Amjad Javed urdu novel free pdf

March 3, 2015

Dhoop Ke Pighalnay Tak by Amjad Javed

also called as Dhoop Kay Pighalnay Tak

دھوپ کے پگھلنے تک از امجد جاوید

Free download and read online Dhoop Ke Pighalnay Tak by Amjad Javed in pdf format for offline reading.

یہاں سے حاصل کریں

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Introduction of Dhoop Ke Pighalnay Tak by Amjad Javed:

Dhoop ke Pighalnay Tak is a Socio Cultural Romantic Urdu Novel by Writer & Novelist Amjad Javed, written on the hot topic of CHANGE in our society and government style. It is written in a political dilemma where an educated person totally changes the system without any bloodshed. Amjad Javed beautifully not only pin pointed the problems and raised his voice against old filthy system of feudalism, bureaucracy corruption and different mafias and suggested a way to get rid of them. The world has changed and turned into a global village, but we are still stuck in the problems of 19th century. Amjad Javed has tried to enlighten his readers about the real change which is a need of the hour. There is always a resistance and rebellion against suppression and forced sanctions, and when masses move like a tsunami, nothing can stop it. We hope, our Urdu Novel Readers will like this Novel and give their comments and feedback. Description Source

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