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July 15, 2015

Read Face Cleansing,Benefits of Face Cleansing

It is very important that a detergent used to a reliable brand and with quality ingredients. With low cost and low quality can cause serious skin problems in the long run. Skin is a fast reactor to climatic changes, especially in the summer. To protect your skin from these effects should you go to protect for cleaning. Acne and oily skin are two of the most important questions that many people face around the world. One thing you have to worry about is the nature of the detergent; oil-free or clean cream should in the summer, because at this time of year, the skin produces excessive oils. There are a lot of natural cleansers that you can get from the market, or you can try some natural ingredients from your home. In addition, in comparison to synthetic detergents, the benefits of cleaning with natural products more sustainable.
Natural cleansers for dry skin
Natural cleansing products show results that are more fertile than other cleaners.

      Yogurt in a very good natural cleanser for dry skin; massage your skin with yogurt remove ten minutes then the leftover cotton.
Water ensures optimum moisture for the skin and also cleanses the skin. To the moisture to keep you drink plenty of water daily.
Cucumber paste is a wonderful cleanser. Mash cucumber and apply on face and neck neck & face wash after 15 minutes.
Apply moisturizing lotion frequently supplied to the dry skin with moisture to keep them.

Cleanser for oily skin:

Oily skin needs more care than dry skin; through open pores absorb dust so its cleansing is very important.

Mash apples and apply on face for 15 minutes, then wash with cold water; it takes the additional oil from the skin.
Mud mask is very good for oil absorbed by the skin, mix rose water and mud and apply on face then wash it off when it is dry.

For normal skin:

Olive oil in good cleanser for normal skin; take few drops of olive oil and apply on face and neck. Massage remove with him for a few minutes, then the residual oil with tissue paper or cotton.

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