Farsi Language Persian Grammar Book in Urdu PDF Download Free


Farsi Language Persian Grammar Book in Urdu PDF Free Download

It is basically talked in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan formally known as Tajiki since the Soviet time, and some different districts which verifiably were Persianate social orders and thought about a piece of Greater Iran. It is composed in the Persian letter set, a changed variation of the Arabic content, which itself developed from the Aramaic letters in order. This language was also written and talk in Pakistan and India before Partition before the independence of Pakistan Bangladesh and Pakistan many books published in the Persian language it was very famous and read listen and write in this areas. This book as long as 183 pages and PDF file size 1.9 MB only. You may be read Farsi Urdu Bol Chal easy learning book by Mukhdoom Sabri and Feroz Ul Lughat Farsi to Urdu Dictionary by Dr. Waheed Quraishi, Maqbool Baigh Bad Kashani





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