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Antique Jewellery Designs

Antique Jewellery Designs.Antique Jewelry Designs, how you may define or describe the the term ”Antique” I think it is very hard or impossible to state what is antique …… or what things of different kinds are antique, things included art, crafts, handicrafts, jewelry, fashion and style, dress, things of daily use etc.may be called antique if these things which are a hundred years old may be claimed as antique, a piece of jewelry may also be old over hundred years and called antique, but many times this definition does not cover the all antique things, as many celebrities use a different style, jewel, dress on red carpets, academy awards and films related ceremonies

.or a diamond ring, a necklace or a hair catch also may be called antique if it is gifted by some one who is loved by him,,,,,, So we may define the term Antique ….. a thing, a piece of jewelry may be called antique if it is embedded beads, craftsmanship, designs, or emotional connection and relation with wearer. Here few designs are given from antique jewelry arts which may be treated as gods and flowers and fragrance.

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