Gadaria Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Afsana PDF Download Free

Gadaria Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Afsana PDF Download Free

Gadaria (Gadariya: Ujlay Phool) is written by Ashfaq Ahmed. It is a collection Urdu Short Stories by Ashfaq Ahmad. One of the famous stories are: Ujlay Phool, Gul Tariya, Barkha & El-Vera. Stories were published at different times and later on gathered in this one master piece. You can read online Gadariya and Download Gadria also from the links given below:

Gadaria Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Afsana PDF Download Free

Book Name: Gadaria

Information About PDF Book:

 Book Name: Gadaria (Gadariya)
 Writer: Ashfaq Ahmed
 Language: Urdu
 Format: PDF
 Size: 39.50 MB
 Pages: 660

Writer: Ashfaq Ahmed


Ashfaq Ahmad was a great author, great professor, and a legend broadcaster. He was doing work of broadcasting on radio in Italy, Germany, and different countries. Italy and Germany gave the rewarded degrees for their work in their countries.

Ashfaq Ahmed was also doing work for Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) and Pakistan Radio. He hosted famous talk show Gadaria that is now publishing in book shape. In this show, Ashfaq Ahmad became as Sufi and intellectual. He gave the answers to the questions of the youth in the program. He was famous in Pakistan with the other name Talqeen Shah that was a character in his famous radio program.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

If you want to know more about this great author from Pakistan please click Ashfaq Ahmed Bio & Books

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List of Ashfaq Ahmed Books:

  1.  Zaviya زاویہ
  2.  Aik Mohabbat So Afsanay ایک محبت سو افسانے
  3.  Man Chalay Ka Sauda من چلے کا سودا
  4. Baba Sahiba بابا صاحبا
  5. Gadaria: Ujlay Phool گڈریا اجلے پھول
  6. Safar Dar Safar سفر در سفر
  7. Tota Kahani توتا کہانی
  8.  Zikr e Shahab زکر شہاب
  9. Hairat Kadah حیرت کدہ
  10. Subhanay Fasanayسبحانے فسانے
  11. Khel Tamasha کھیل تماشا
  12. Ashfaq Ahmed Ka Gadaria اشفاق احمد کا زاویہ
  13. Aik Mohabbat Sau Daramay ایک محبت سوڈرامے
  14. Safar e Mena سفر مینا
  15. Uchay Burj Lahore De اُچے برج لاہور دے
  16. Nangay Paon ننگے پاؤں
  17. Aur Daramay اور ڈرامے
  18. Aik Hi Boli: Phulkari ایک ہی بولی پھلکاری
  19. Tilism e Hosh Afza: Science Fiction طلسم ہوش افزا سائنس فکشن
  20. Shahlakot شاہلا کوٹ
  21. Tahli Thalay ٹاہلی تھلے
  22. Khatiya Watiya کھٹیا وٹیا
  23. Mehman Sarai مہمان سرائے
  24. Band Gali بند گلی
  25. Arz e Musannif عرض مصنف
  26. Hasrat e Tameer (Talqeen Shah Series) حسرت تعمیر تلقین شاہ سیریز
  27. Guldan (Talqeen Shah Series) گلدان تلقین شاہ سیریز
  28. Shehr e Arzoo شہر آرزو
  29. Vida e Jang ودائے جنگ
  30. Ashianay (Talqeen Shah Series) آشیانے تلقین شاہ سیریز
  31. Parao (Talqeen Shah Series) پڑاؤ تلقین شاہ سیریز
  32. Aik Zakhm Aur Sahi  ایک زخم اور سہی
  33. Asoodigi (Talqeen Shah Series) آسودگی تلقین شاہ سیریز
  34. Aik Aur Dastak ایک اور دستک
  35. Dheenga Mushti (Talqeen Shah Series) دھینگا مشتی تلقین شاہ سیریز
  36. Banda e Zamana (Talqeen Shah Series) بند زمانہ تلقین شاہ سیریز
  37. Jang Bajang (Talqeen Shah Series) جنگ بجنگ تلقین شاہ سیریز
  38. Dhandora (Talqeen Shah Series) ڈھنڈورا تلقین شاہ سیریز
  39. Shora Shori (Talqeen Shah Series) شورا شوری تلقین شاہ سیریز
  40. Zanjeer e Taluq (Talqeen Shah Series) زنجیر تعلق تلقین شاہ سیریز


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