Gannay Ki Kasht – Tareeka, Kismain, Ehtiatain


Gannay Ki Kasht – Tareeka, Kismain, Ehtiatain

Gane ki Kasht Cultivation (Kasht) of Sugarcane In Urdu, a booklet for Agriculture’s. Examine Kasht ka tariqa and different issues of development of Sugarcane.Sugarcane is a basic cash result of Pakistan. It is essentially produced for sugar and sugary era. It is a basic wellspring of pay and business for the developing gathering of the country. It similarly outlines pivotal thing for business endeavors like sugar, chipboard, paper, impacts, candy parlor, uses as a piece of chemicals, plastics, paints, synthetics, fiber, bug showers, and chemicals. Sugarcane era in the country has extended after some time.

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