Ghazliyat e Hasrat Mohani Collection Tanveer Abbas Naqvi Download PDF

January 15, 2017

Ghazliyat e Hasrat Mohani Collection Tanveer Abbas Naqvi Read Online Or Download PDF

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Brief Introduction About The Author & Book:

Maulana Syed Hasrat Mohani is the author of Kuliyaat e Hasrat Mohani. He was an Islamic scholar and political activist. Mohani was a distinguished Poet of Urdu language. Kuliyaat e Hasrat Mohani is a collection of the poetry of Mohani. Hasrat Mohani wrote many classical ghazals. Some of his songs sang by the famous singers of Pakistan and India.

Hasrat Mohani remained a student of Ali Garh college. It gave him a political awareness and ideology. He was an author of the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad.” He was the first Indian leader who demands the complete independence of India from the British rule.

Syed Hasrat Mohani belongs to a religious family. His grandfather was a spiritual leader of UP Muslims. Hasrat was also a religious scholar, but he influenced first by communism, and later Indian National Congress.

Hasrat Mohani also worked for All India Muslim League. He wanted to see the Muslim and Hindus joint struggle for the Indian independence movement.

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