Google Adsense Policy Publishers Advertisers Adblockers Earning Revenue

September 9, 2017

Google Adsense Policy Publishers Advertisers Adblockers Earning Revenue

Google Adsense Policy is much better than other Advertising networks available on the internet but there is always a room for improvement in every aspect of human life. Below we discuss in detail what are the key factors regarding earning handsome amount of money from internet based projects.

Earning Money

Earning money is one of the main purposes of making a professional website. As a publisher / website owner when someone invests his / her time, skills and money to make an awesome blog or website, the ultimate goal is to earn a decent amount of money from it. There is always a cold war going on between the haves and have not. One who already has good amount of money can earn lot of money with the help of that available money. But the one who has nothing except skills and expertise will always suffer a great deal to earn handsome amount of money. So in this case internet is no exception and we want to discuss this grave issue in detail today.

Advertising Companies

There are many advertising companies available on the internet like, BidVertiser, Infolinks, Amazon Associates, Adversal, VigLink, ShareASale, BuySellAds, Propellar Ads, Chitika, Skimlinks, Adsterra, Qadabra & Kontera etc. If you are not getting adsense account approved or banned from adsense then you may try any one of them. Account approval for most of these sites is easy but on the other hand revenue earning through these sites is no way near to Google Adsense and Google Adsense Policy in this regard is much better. Being Said that you have to have good website with quality material and lots of visitors to earn some money from your website. Google Adsense Earning Ratio is almost 1500 to 2000 views for making a single dollar. Any website having Non-US & EU traffic can earn only 5 dollars or less with almost 10000 to 12000 visitors per day.  If you have double the traffic and page views then you may earn up to 10 dollars per day with Non-US & EU traffic.


In early days publishers made mess of everything by showing lots and lots of ads to earn money from their websites which included pop-ups, pop under ads, full screen ads, banner ads, link ads and blaw blaw blaw. On top of all that they compelled / forced visitors to click on ads and made to situation more worse. I do not support that but it happened mostly because of the unwillingness of the visitors to view ads. One or two ad views by one visitor per day per website is enough for a website owner to earn handsome amount of money. There should be sympathetic Google Adsense Policy in this regard and website owners / publishers should be given somewhat liberty to combat adblocking and loss of revenue.


Website visitors are always reluctant to view ads. The ads may be so boring or irrelevant or they want to get the information needed and just close the website. People might be wasting lot of time on watching useless YouTube videos or chatting on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. but they don’t ever bother to spend 5 to 10 seconds watching an ad which will give money to a helpful website owner who is giving information absolutely free. As a website owner I can’t understand the logic behind so weary of clicking on ads. If a visitor is getting benefit from a website he / she should view some ads to give due reward back to the website owner. Now, almost 60 to 70% of internet visitors are using different adblocker softwares and there should be a way out / strategy to earn some basic amount of money from a website. There needs to be new Google Adsense Policy to combat adblocking.


Necessity is the mother of all inventions. People don’t want to see ads on the contrary publishers want to show maximum ads to visitors and get clicks from them. Ads companies want to display ads but not give money to publishers. Lots of annoying ads, reluctant visitors, ad companies discriminatory policies and then comes the invention of adblockers. People visiting a website with adblocker wont see any ads at all and now there are many extensions to that also. There should be a mechanism generated by Adsense or other big advertising platforms that their ads could bypass adblockers. Having said that, sanity in showing ads must prevail everywhere.

Google AdSense is the highest paying Advertising Network. Having said that 1000 page views will give you only 1 dollar or so (clicks not included which may increase earning depending on the country).  We here in Pakistan think that earning 500 dollars per month is a great deal. Google Adsense is not a Pakistani program and earning in dollars should be compared to the earning of US & EU countries not with Pakistan. An average EU or US citizen earns 1500 to 2500 dollar per month. Google Adsense Policy makers must look into it seriously with compassionate heart.

Google Adsense Policy

Day in day out google updates its policies and the same rule might is right prevails here. You can’t show more ads, you can’t force people to view ads. If you belong to a poor country it should not be a hindrance towards your future. You cannot move to a wealthy country or make website from a wealthy country like E.U, USA or Canada. For example if you are from Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka or china  and make a native website with utmost creativity and effort it might not attract foreign visitors consequently you wont earn lot of money. There should be some solution to this problem.

You can read about adsense policy relate to your country here at Google


In my opinion sanity / commonsense should prevail everywhere like Ad companies i.e. Google Adsense, Website owners and above all visitors. There should be some end to this adblocking endeavor and visitors should be properly guided that ad viewing does not posses any harm to them. Ad company policies should be ultra clear with publishers. There should be a clear mechanism for website owners to track their visitors and their behavior also ads revenue taken from the advertiser and ad revenue given to a publisher. There should no ambiguity in this whole process.

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