Haalim episode 17 pdf download Nemrah Ahmed

November 7, 2018
Haalim episode 17 pdf download urdubooks.us

Haalim episode 17 pdf download Nemrah Ahmed

Book Name: Haalim episode 17 pdf download


Haalim episode 17 pdf download Nemrah Ahmed. Haalim is an Arabic word and it signifies “A Dreamer”. This is a long novel with episodes and every episode has a different title for example Namal furthermore, name of this episode is “Saat Ratein, Chay Din, Panch Khutoot”. Keep your fingers crossed for Haalim and Haalim’s fantasies. It is the most extraordinary thing ever composed by Nemrah Ahmed (Nimra Ahmed). It is also one of the best Urdu Stories published in Khawateen Digest.

Information About PDF Book:

 Book Name: Haalim episode 17 pdf download
 Writer: Nemrah Ahmed (Nimra Ahmed)
 Language: Urdu
 Format: PDF
 Size: 15.4 MB
 Pages: 109

Inside Look Into Haalim Episode 17 pdf download:

Haalim episode 17 pdf download inside look

Writer: Nemrah Ahmed


Nemrah Ahmed has developed as an mainstream author. She has written some marvelous and best seller Urdu novels. Her writing style is very lucid and vivid therefore messages is clearly conveyed to the reader. Her Urdu Novels and Urdu Short Stories got publish in different Monthly Urdu Magazines.

Top 8 Urdu Romantic Novels of Nimra Ahmed are as under:

1. Mere Khawab Mere Jugnu – Shuaa digest.
2. Pahari Ka Qaidi  – Shuaa digest.
3. Mehrunnisa  – Khawateen digest.
4. Sans Sakin Thi   – Khawateen digest.
5. Beli Rajputan Ki Malika  – Shuaa Digest.
6. Qaraqaram Ka Taj Mahel – Shuaa Digest.
7.  Mus’haf – Khawateen Digest.
8. Namal – Khawateen Digest.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

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