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July 14, 2015

Read Online How to Get Long Eyelashes Naturally?  in Urdu

The eyes are the most beautiful and prominent part of human face, gifted by God. Eye lashes not only play an important role in protecting the eyes, but also make them more beautiful and charming. You can enhance the beauty of your eyes for very long, healthy and shiny eyelashes. Many chemical based products available on the market, but the question is how to get long eye lashes naturally?
In this paper, we suggest some tips to increase your length and make them dense.

      Fresh, cold water is very beneficial for eyelashes. The cold water also remains dense and fresh.
Castor oil has as effect miracle eyelashes. It gives strength and thickness of eyelashes. We will tell you how to use castor oil? Pour a small amount of castor oil in the palm of your hand and apply it with the help of your fingers. Stop breaking your lashes.
Trim tabs can also increase the growth of eyelashes. Although it is an unusual tip but it certainly be very effective when you try.
Proper sleep is very important not only for eyelashes, but also for bright eyes. 8-10 hours of sleep is recommended by the experts.
By force of eyelashes using olive oil. Apply olive oil with the help cotton.
A healthy diet is necessary for healthy and thick eyelashes. Make vegetables, milk and fruits important part of your diet.
For dense eye lashes serum vitamin is very useful.
A very effective tip for tabs is; mix lemon peels in a cup of castor oil or olive oil and place in a dry place for a week. After a weak Store the oil in any jar or bottle and use regularly.
Artificial Eyelashes can be used to enhance the beauty of your eyes.
Vitamin E oil is useful for increasing the length and adds shine to lashes.
Vaseline or petroleum jelly should be used at night to make your eye lashes longer.
      EYELASH curler is used to curl the lashes. Use a heavy curling iron to give the lashes and eyes look brighter appearance.

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