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July 14, 2015

Read Online How to Get Pink Lips?

The pink and soft lips look elegant and always make us look cool. Due


Read how to get pink lips?

   Cream and Lemon Make a mixture of cream and lemon juice and rub on lips.

Saffron and Milk Mix saffron sheets of raw milk, rub the lips and leave on overnight. This tip and soft pink lips shows.

Rose petals: Grounded rose petals when applied on the lips at night, not only to provide an aspect of the lips pink, but also keep them healthy.

Desi Ghee: Pour a few drops of Desi ghee on your navel before going to bed. This is an experienced resource ages to keep lips soft pink color.

Vaseline: Vaseline Massage keeps lips hydrated and exfoliate dead skin from the lips.

Granada: Granada Mix some seeds along with milk to rub on the lips and leave for the whole night. This home remedy works by magic, but not overnight.

Never Lick Lips with Language: If you feel your dry lips, never lick with your tongue as this leads to more dehydration and lip color automatically turns dark.

Stop smoking: Smoking is bad for your lips. If you want your lips naturally pink first then quit.

Rub Ghee: Rub your lips with warm desi ghee for 2to3 times a day to get naturally pink lips.

Olive oil: Apply a few drops of olive oil in your mouth and let it absorb before going for a swim. This will keep your lips hydrated and gradually make pink.

Almond oil: Massaging almond oil and lemon before getting to bed, helps your lips turn pink in a few days.

Honey: Exfoliate your lips using a soft brush over them after applying honey.

Aloe Vera: Aloe Vera Gel Rub on lips before going to bed every day. Displays the fastest results.

Beet juice: massage your lips with beet juice to be naturally rising like a few days.

This pack of tips for pink lips supposed worthwhile work and give required results. So go with them without problems have a passion for pink with just a little effort lips.

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