Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem MA Complete List Of All Novels 2


Imran Series

Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem MA

Imran Series by Mazhar Kaleem MA Complete List Of All Novels

Complete List of Imran Sereis Novels by Mazhar Kaleem – The Most Comprehensive Collection On The Internet Ever!. Free Download Read Online All Novels of Imran Series In One Post.

Imran Series is a fictional series of Spy Detective (Jasoosi) novels which was originally created by Pakistani writer Ibn-e-Safi. Ali Imran is the main character, an amazing secret agent with comic touch, who controls the Secret Service as X-2. Imran appears to to be a non serious citizen who as a free lancer works for the Secret Service. Only a few people know that Ali Imran is the head of Secret Service. Khaufnaak Imarat (The Terrifying Building) was published in October 1955 as 1st novel of this series. In early novels Ali Imran appears as a solo detective, however, later he is portrayed as the chief of Secret Service as X-2.

After Ibn-e-Safi’s demise many people attempted to write Imran Series but no one was able to attract people except Mazhar Kaleem. He produced more Imran series novels than Ibn-e-Safi and has a wide range of fan following. He has been writing these novels for the life time of Ibn-e-Safi and continuously produces Imran Series novels till date.

In the following a complete list of the Imran Series Novels, written by Mazhar Kaleem, is given. Direct Download Links as well as Online Reading Links are given below every book. You can easily download or read online any novel of your choice from the list give below:

151. Last Round

Download PDF, Read Online

152. Third Force

Download PDF, Download PDF, Read Online

153. Fy Land

Download Part 1, Download Part 2, Read Online Part 1, Read Online Part 2

154. Black Agents

Download PDF, Read Online

155. Bloody Game

Download PDF, Read Online

156. Cross Mission

Download Part 1, Download Part 2, Read Online Part 1, Read Online Part 2

157. S.S Project

Download PDF, Download PDF, Read Online

158. Destruction Plan

Download PDF, Read Online

159. Black Hounds

Download PDF, Download PDF, Read Online

160. Super Mission

Download PDF, Download PDF, Read Online, Read Online

161. Hashrat-ul-Arz

Download PDF, Download PDF, Read Online

162. Black Hills

Download PDF, Read Online

163. Tataar (Tatar) Daggers (Dagers)

Download PDF, Read Online

164. Snake Circle

Download Part 1, Download Part 2, Read Online Part 1, Read Online Part 2

165. Black Strip

Download PDF, Read Online

166. Special Supply

Download PDF, Download PDF, Read Online

167. Hot Field , 168. Hot Spot , 169. Hot Fight (3 IN 1)

Download PDF, Read Online

170. Saqaab (Saqab) Project

Download PDF, Read Online

171. Sankara

Download PDF, Read Online

172. Misali Dunya (Dunia, Duniya)

Download PDF, Read Online

173. Red Ring

Download PDF, Read Online

174. Blind Attack

Download PDF, Read Online

175. Open Close

Download PDF, Read Online

177. Black World

Download PDF, Read Online

178. Black Powers

Download PDF, Read Online

179. Kakana Island

Download PDF, Read Online

180. Golden Agent

Download PDF Part 1, Read Online, Download PDF Part 2, Read Online

181. Golden Agent in Action

Download PDF Part 1, Read Online, Download PDF Part 2, Read Online

182. Four Stars

Download PDF, Read Online, Read Online

183. Code Walk

Download PDF, Read Online

184. Blasters

Download PDF, Read Online

185. Special Section

Download PDF, Read Online

186. Royal Service

Download PDF, Read Online

187. Ladies Island

Download Complete PDF, Read Online Part 1, Read Online Part 2

188. Double Game

Download PDF, Read Online

189. Fink Syndicate

Download PDF, Read Online

190. Fighting Mission

Download PDF, Read Online

191. Dog Crime

192. Dushman Julia

193. Zigzag Mission

194. Saffak Mujrim

195. Red Craft

196. Red Craft Stalk

197. Death Quick

198. Tower Section

199. Long Bird Complex

200. Long Bird Sealed Complex

201. Blasting Station

202. Sasic Center

203. Black Crime

204. Last Upset

205. Sifli Dunya

206. Prince Kachaan

207. Rozi Rascal

208. Rock Head

209. Imran Ka Eghwa

210. Spargo

211. Diamond Power

212. Tafreehi Mission

213. Treaty

214. Green Death

215. Power Agent

216. Makrooh Jurm

217. Dark Mission

218. Base Camp

219. Zaheen Agent

220. Red Zero Agency

221. J.S.P

222. Jinnati Dunya

223. Death Rays

224. Golden Spot

225. Grass Dam

226. Black Face

227. Double Mission

228. She Dog

229. She Dog Headquaretr

230. Red  Authority

231. Lasilky

232. Dark Eye (Lasilky Part 2)

233. Snake Killers

234. Shudermaan

235. Sea Eagle

236. Egrosan

Cosmic Star

Red Army

Red Army Network

Red Flag

Pearl Pirate

Makrooh Chehray

Crown Agency

Fabian Society

Last Movement

Smart Mission

Super Master Group

Thread Ball Mission

Fort Dam

Fayugi Task

Hanging Death


Black Arrow

Jewish Channel

Black Hawk

Power Squad

Electronic Eye


Special Mission

Black Mask

C Top

Water Missile

Target Mission

Foriegn Group

Mekarto Syndicate

Karkis Point

Flower Syndicate


High Victory

Final Fight (High Victory Part 2)




Sagaan Mission

XV File (Sagaan Mission Part 2)

KGB Headquarter (Sagaan Mission Part 3)

Red Top (Sagaan Mission Part 4)


Double Lock

Sandy Zoom

Tarson Agency

Large View Project

Soft Mission

Hard Re-Back (Soft Mission Par 2)

Broad System

Muslim Currency

Cat Rat Game

Suspense Game


Bright Eye

Star Mission

Last Warning

White Shadow

S Three


Black Thunder Section


Cotton Seed

Hot Rays



Big Challenge

Great Mission

Zero Mission

Red Circle

Mind Blaster

Crossing Arrow

Last Trap

Maha Pursh


Mariya Section

Black Fighters

Mushkbari Code

Zero Blaster

Capital Agency

Business Crime

Prince Shama

Mission Sagor

Gleri Seedia

Blue Code Book

Big Dam

Sagraam Mission

Dodging Mission

Beggars Mafia

Free Socks

Chief Agent

Dark Face

Hard Fight

Danger Land


Rozi Rascal Mission

Devil Pearl

Secret Center

Blind Mission

Blue Hawk

Tiger in Action

Saarg Agency

Saarg Headquarters

Target Imran

Black Head

Winning Party

Blue Bird Group

Group Fighting

Black Scar

Hard Crime

Hawk Eye

Danger Group Chao

Fast Mission

One to One

Kaali Dunya

Special Station

Jewish Power

Multi Mission

2 in 1

Golden Cross

Fight Plus

Hot World

E City

Green Guard

Reverse Circle

Violent Crime

Side Track

Taghooti Dunya

Blank Mission

Golden Kolook


Grand Victory

Twin Sisters

Action Agency

Top Mission



10 Crore Main 2 Shaitan

Casper Rays

Armous Prohit

Hard Agency

White Birds

Red Sky

Multi Target

Black Day

Great Falls

Karman Mission

Black Sun

Lime Light

Sangeen Jurm

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