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Rehnuma e Islami Naam

Islamic Names – If you are looking for Islamic Names For Girls or Islamic Name For Boys you have reached the right spot. Through these Islamic Name Books, you will be able to find Muslim Girls Name, Muslim Boy Names, Muslim Baby Boy Names, Islamic Baby Girl Names, Islamic Baby Names,

Islamic Name in English authored by Muhammad Imran Ashraf Usmani. This book contains beautiful and meaningful Islami names.

Muslim Baby Names

Choosing a suitable Muslim Baby Names for children has always been a matter of interest for a Muslim family. Islamic teachings encouraged Muslims to select meaningful Muslim Names for their children. The Holy Prophet PBUH changed the names of several persons because they carried a bad sense.

Abdullah ibn Umar R.A said the well known Sahabi, that one of his sister’s name was Asiyah. The Holy Prophet PBUH changed her name to ‘Jamilah’ (Beautiful).

Scientists today have admitted that the name of a person may influence his life. Holy Prophet PBUH revealed this fact 1400 years ago. He advised the Muslims to select good names for their children.

Islamic Name

Names are also a source of identity of one’s religion. Thus, the Muslims have been naming their children after the Prophets and Sahaba. Their names have thus been reflecting their Islamic identity. For example, the female names like ‘Tahmina, Rubina, Nazli, have no meaning at all. The word Naaheed means a woman who has heavy breasts and it is a shame to call a woman with this name. Some Muslims girls have the name Naailah, which means a calamity.

Islamic Name For Girls

In short, the selection of Islami Name is very important. It may bring serious results botButis world and in the Hereafter. Muslims who are conscious of this fact need a guide book. This can help them in selecting a suitable name for their children. A comprehensive book was still needed for Muslims living in Western countries.

Names are in alphabetical order and if some names are non-Arabic, their origin listed before each. Where no such sign is found, it means that they are of Arabic origin. This is also a good collection of suitable Islami Names In Urdu which is easy to consult. It is hoped that it will assist the English knowing Muslims in acquainting themselves with good Muslim names and their meanings.

Islamic Names In English PDF

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Rehnuma e Islami Naam PDF

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