Khwab Hay Ya Sarab Hay by Sadia Liaqat urdu novel free pdf

Khwab Hay Ya Sarab Hay by Sadia Liaqat

also called as Khawab He Ya Sarab He

خواب ہے یا سراب ہے از سعدیہ لیاقت

Free download and read online Khwab Hay Ya Sarab Hay by Sadia Liaqat in pdf format for offline reading.

یہاں سے حاصل کریں

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Introduction of Khwab Hay Ya Sarab Hay by Sadia Liaqat:

Khwab Hay Ya Sarab Hay (Dream OR Mirage) by Sadia Liaqat Urdu Novelist and Writer, is an Social Romantic Urdu Novel. Sadia Liaqat is an emerging digest writer and has written some good quality stories and novels. She beautifully explained in this Novel the bitter reality that our whole life is just a dream. Past life seems like a dream and we dream about a good future. We are in habit of seeing and chasing dreams and loosing so much in this pursuit. We all see dreams and set our goals to make those dreams a reality. With a long struggle and hard work sometimes we achieve our goals and then we see another dream and start chasing it. Sometimes, these dreams we see, are only Mirage and we face some really scary monsters that haunt us and turn our dreams into nightmares for rest of our lives. We try to get rid of them, but they just don’t go away. We hope, our Urdu Novel Readers will like this Novel and give their comments and feedback. Description Source

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