Madam Tiger by Irshad ul Asar (Alasar,Alasr) Jafri free pdf

November 26, 2013

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  • Isabel February 19, 2016 at 2:21 am

    JJ:It isn’t the first time, but does it mean it should not be spkoen about? I have often mentioned 1984. The point is if the phenomenon is a person, one blames her/him, whether it is Mayawati or Modi.i cant think on one country where Muslims are sharing land , law and democracy in any country and are not complaining so somehwere Muslim intellectuals have to think , In India they want law , supreme court, rights and works but within their ummah they don’t even allow visa free travel forget about nationality and human rightsExpats in western countries are. They do complain when they are targeted for crimes committed by a handful. How would Hindus feel if all of them are seen as suspects for a Sadhvi Pragya or all armymen are seen as terrorists because of a Lt. Col? No one talks of Hindus as porn purveyors only because of a Nityanand. The point is not what Indian Muslims want, but what they have a Constitutional right to. Of course, there has to be a rethink on several issues, including personal law. Regarding your point about how they forget about how they are treated by the ummah elsewhere, it only reiterates my position that there is no uniformity. Why should they be given special rights when no one outside those countries is? Those are the laws of the land there. Simple. Are human rights records good? No. But then, who are we to say? Because we are a democracy do we have checks and balances? Yes. On paper. Cases drag on. The influential get away. Btw Zakia gets legal access and footage , you know what do the maid and the doctor get. So roots are in MISTRUST and it is actually going in wrong direction. I am not saying Zakia shouldnt get justice, I am saying she is likely to get as much as justice as Sikhs got in 1984 or Kashmiri Pandits got in 1989.For every Zakia who has access, there are hundreds who do not in our country. And I am not talking only about Gujarat or Muslims. This case has become important because of the government’s complicity. I have covered whatever aspect of it that I could in earlier pieces, including questioning the NGOs as well as the sting operation on Modi. In the case of Sikhs, we know that Congress ministers werev involved. With KPs, it was not the government. PS: I know and understand that not everyone has read me or can read all of what I write. I have become tired of engaging in long-winded debates’ with people who come with preconceived notions. And yes, it is their business to check on who/what the person is before pronouncing their verdict. To suggest that I have no sympathy for rape victims is a real low, but it reveals what they are and not what I am. As always, it is enlightening discussing with you, differences aside.

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