Maulvi Aur Tawaif Free Download Urdu Novel PDF

August 30, 2016

Maulvi Aur Tawaif Free Download Urdu Novel PDF

Maulvi Aur Tawaif Free Download Urdu Novel PDF, Free download or read online another beautiful Urdu novelette “Maulvi Aur Tawaif” and read a very beautiful heart touching story of a prostitute and Maulvi. “Maulvi Aur Tawaif” is the title name of this short Urdu story which is by Shehriyar Khawar. This story is also famous as a Noora Kanjari Maulvi Aur Tawaif is a short heart touching story in Urdu language. This story will make you cry because this is really an emotional story with hidden moral that we should not judge any one just because of his/her exterior character. Maulvi Aur Tawaif story is all about on the topic that no one has right to judge any one. Although I have read this story completely and convert it to a Pdf book but I will not write the summary of this story because if I write even a brief summary about this story then this will not entertain you. I would like to mention that this is a first person narrative story narrated by the Maulvi. I am sure that you will like this story. This short story will more entertain you than watching a Bollywoold movie or a Pakistani long drama series. You can free download and read online the story of Maulvi aur Tawaif (Prostitute and Maulvi) from the table below the sample pages.

Download the complete book from the table below:
Book Name: Moulvi Aur Tawaif
Writer: Shehriyar Khawar
Language: Urdu
Format: Pdf
Size: 1.03 MB
Pages: 21
Click here to Download the Pdf Book
Click Here to Read the Book Online

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