Maut Ke Saudagar Aqleem Aleem Urdu Novel PDF Download

Maut Ke Saudagar Aqleem Aleem Urdu Novel PDF Download

Maut Ke Saudagar is written by Aqleem Aleem. This is an amazing Urdu Novel by this great author. Maut Ke Sodagar Novel Complete 27 Parts authored by Aqleem Aleem. This is one of the most famous Urdu Novels published in monthly Urdu Magazine Suspense Digest. It is the longest novel after Devta novel which was written Mohiuddin Nawab. This is the story of a young patriotic man who fought against the drug mafias and smugglers.

Danny, who is a patriotic young man, fought against the international drug Mafia. There was massive support for drug Mafia, like CIA, Jews, and Mossad, etc. The young man also has support for some individuals and a Pakistani specialized intelligence agency. A man name Awwal Khan represented the secret organization. He used all the available options to help the Danny. An American girlfriend of Danny called Veera was also part of the game. The war continued for many years across the world. They used every tactic to win the fight against the criminals.

This is an action-packed adventure filled novel with love, romance, action, thrill, suspense and much much more. It is an Urdu Novel full of romance, love, and suspense with social reforming moral. This novel contains 8354 pages and size is 308 MB. Mout Kay Sodagar is the longest Urdu novel by Aqleem Aleem. It has 27 parts and now all parts are available in single PDF for easy downloading and online reading.

Maut Ke Saudagar Aqleem Aleem Urdu Novel PDF Download

Book Name: Maut (Mout) Ke Saudagar

Information About PDF Book:

 Book Name: Maut Ke Saudagar PDF Download
 Writer: Aqleem Aleem
 Language: Urdu
 Format: PDF


Writer: Aqleem Aleem


Aqleem Aleem is one of the prominent novel writers from Pakistan. His stories mostly got published in monthly magazines and Mout Kay Sodagar is the most famous serial novel by him published in Monthly Suspense Digest.

The author of Mout Ke Sodagar Novel, Aqleem Aleem is a top Pakistani journalist and fiction writer. He authored some best-selling novels for the Urdu readers. His books are full of suspense and action. The readers appreciate his books and waits for the new coming writings. The story Mout Ke Sodagar Pdf considered the masterpiece of Aqleem Aleem.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

If you want to know more about this great author from Pakistan please click Aqleem Aleem Bio & Books.

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