Phulkari Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Afsana PDF Download

Phulkari Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Afsana PDF Download

Phulkari is written by Ashfaq Ahmed. Ashfaq Ahmed wrote this book to describe the things and people around him. He such an amazing craftsman that makes us feel and see the things which were around him. I want to share the starting of a chapter from this book with you.

This afsana collection Phulkari (Aik Hi Boli) of mine is quite new for you. I wrote them during 1951-52. These Afsana were published in the Sunday edition of newspaper “Ehsaan”. You wont have seen most of these stories. The only story you might have seen earlier is “Rao” which was in the Course material of Matriculation for two years. Late on it was removed from the course due to some problems in the language.

There are many words and phrases of Urdu language which are available in the books and dictionaries but they are not used anymore. A poet namely Imam Bakhsh Nasikh was the person who first removed the words which came for other languages into Urdu i.e. Dakhni, Audhi, Bagri and Burj Bhasha etc. People use thes words in comon day to day talks but Nasikh stopped decent people to use these words. He tried his level best to make Urdu language as a fort of elite – A glimpse from the book.

Phulkari Ashfaq Ahmed Urdu Afsana PDF Download Free

Book Name: Phulkari

Information About PDF Book:

 Book Name: Phulkari PDF Download
 Writer: Ashfaq Ahmed
 Language: Urdu
 Format: PDF


Writer: Ashfaq Ahmed


Ashfaq Ahmad was a great author, great professor, and a legend broadcaster. He was doing work of broadcasting on radio in Italy, Germany, and different countries. Italy and Germany gave the rewarded degrees for their work in their countries.

Ashfaq Ahmed was also doing work for Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) and Pakistan Radio. He hosted famous talk show Phulkari that is now publishing in book shape. In this show, Ashfaq Ahmad became as Sufi and intellectual. He gave the answers to the questions of the youth in the program. He was famous in Pakistan with the other name Talqeen Shah that was a character in his famous radio program.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

If you want to know more about this great author from Pakistan please click Ashfaq Ahmed Bio & Books

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