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July 11, 2015

Aalo ki Kasht (Potato Farming) Urdu Booklet

Download or read online Urdu agriculture booklet about directing of potato cultivating. Pakistan is respected with four seasons, having flawless regular conditions for separated cultivating creation systems. Full scale geographical region of Pakistan is 79.6 million hectares set from unbelievable Himalayas to productive Indus dish and neglected regions in Sindh and Baluchistan. In a matter of seconds out of this total extent, only 24.6 million hectares is a work in progress including 4.2 million hectares secured with woods. Remaining region speaks to sold out, rough and fruitless territories. Locale assigned watered is around 18 million hectares while 6.6 million hectares is subjected to normal dried natural conditions, absolutely depending on trademark precipitation to meet the harvest watering framework requirements.agriculture range expect the piece of spine for the country identifying with its money related matters. Duty of this division to National Gross Domestic Production is 21.62% and incorporates around 44.7% of the total business of the country. There is no squinting the way that cultivating is the range which can be researched for development of monetarily strained circumstances, in which our country is trapped. Liberal advancement of agriculture portion won’t simply handle the danger of sustenance security yet will moreover resolve the compelling issue of unemployment to amazing degree. Agronomic and moreover plant yields are of remarkable centrality for supporting the 200 million people of the country. Real plant produce of the country are vegetable and soil developed nourishments crops. Among the vegetables potato positions higher position as for zone being worked on and total yield.

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