Qaiser o Kisra Naseem Hijazi Tareekhi Urdu Novel Free Download PDF Read Online

February 25, 2017

Qaiser o Kisra Naseem Hijazi Tareekhi Urdu Novel Free Download PDF Read Online

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Some Words About The Book:

The book Qaisar O Kisra Pdf is another great novel written by Naseem Hijazi. Qaisar O Kisra novel is a history story. The author of Qaisar O Kisra was a great novelist, historian, and journalist of Pakistan. Naseem wrote many best-selling books on the subject of history. Naseem Hijazi was the only writer of Urdu, whose all of his novels remained very popular in the people. He influenced the minds of two generations through his impressive writing style.

Naseem Hijazi taught to the youth the ideology of Pakistan through his novel. He educated them about the conspiracies and terrorism of Hindus against Pakistan. He told them about their bright past and the reasons for the downfall. Naseem urged the youth to get back his honour and glory by seeking the knowledge.

The central theme of the Qaisar o Kisra pdf is the Byzantine–Sasanian Wars of 602–628 and the rise of Islam and the Muslims in Arabia. This story focuses on the wars between two superpowers of that time. The Muslims defeated the both super powers later in the war field. Hazrat Saad Bin Abi Waqas and Khalid Bin Waleed played a key role in the victories of the Muslims. I hope you like the book Qaisar o Kisra novel pdf as other history novels of Naseem Hijazi.

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