Sanjeeda Khatoon Biography And Complete List of Novels

Sanjeeda Khatoon Biography And Complete List of Novels

Sanjeeda Khatoon (Urdu: سنجیدہ خاتون) is one of the most famous novel writers from Pakistan. She has written many famous novels and short stories. Her language is pure and easy to understand. She narrates the story in such a vivid manner that the reader sees the characters moving in front of the eyes. The message of her novels is always loud and clear.

I tried my level best to find her complete biography on the internet through Google but all in vain. Below is given her short biography and list of her most famous novels.

Sanjeeda Khatoon is famous among her readers. She wrote in different monthly magazines for almost 25 years. She belonged to a respectable and well-educated family in Delhi (India). Usman Farqaleet was her late mother’s uncle (Mamoon).  He was world famous editor of “Al-Jamiat” newspaper published from Delhi. Usman fought against English and also had talks with Christian Leaders. After the liberation of India, he started a campaign against the hypocrisy of Indian National Congress. Indian government bestowed upon him the “Padma Shri ” award but he stood fast to his vision.

Suleman Ali Sabir was her grandfather who was the editor of “Qaumi Awaz” newspaper published from Delhi. Sanjeeda Khatoon wrote many novels and stories. She also translated many books. She was a household lady but used to write a lot.

She is the wife of the famous novel writer “Shamim Naveed”.  Jin Zaad is her most famous novel. It was published in a monthly magazine from Karachi. Shamim Naveed did not want to disclose facts but the publisher of the book Mr. Abdul Ghaffar insisted upon it. Jin Zaad is different and unique in its style as well as topic and theme. Some of her novels have been published in book shape. If you feel relaxed and get away from the worldly worries then please pray for Sanjeeda Khatoon and Shamim Naveed.

Sanjeeda Khatoon List of Novels:

  1. Jin Zaad جن زاد
  2. Sitamgar ستمگر
  3. Bheegi Palkain بھیگی پلکیں
  4. Shikwa شکوہ


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