Shahan e Bay Taj Waheeda Naseem Tasawwuf Book PDF Download

Shahan e Bay Taj Waheeda Naseem Tasawwuf Book PDF Download

Shahan e Bay Taj is written by Waheeda Naseem. It is an amazing Tasawwuf Book by this great author. Shahan e Bay Taj Pdf is a biography of some renowned saints in Aurang Abad, India. The list of of saints is given at the end of this article. The writer herself visited India in the 90s and paid visit to some shrines. She told the details of this journey and also discussed the situation of the Muslims in India. Now it is being presented in a single PDF file for easy downloading and online reading. This Tasawwuf Book contains 158 pages and size is 16 MB full HD quality in Single PDF File.

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Shahan e Bay Taj Waheeda Naseem Urdu Tasawwuf Book PDF Download

Book Name: Shahan e Bay Taj

Information About PDF Book:

 Book Name: Shahan e Bay Taj PDF Download
 Writer: Waheeda Naseem
 Language: Urdu
 Format: PDF

Writer: Waheeda Naseem


Her family name is Waheeda Naseem and she entered the world of literature with this name. She was born in Hyderabad Dakkan, India on 9 September 1927. Her father Fasih ud Din was a pious and good nature man. Her mother was Aziz un Nisa Begum who also exquisite taste for literature and arts. Her younger sister Shamim Ejaz was a newscaster at Radio Pakistan.

She got her basic education from Madrisa Tahtanya Aurangabad. She did matriculation from Auranabad High School in 1943 and in 1947 she graduated as BSc from Hyderabad Dakkan University and later on she did MSc Botany. She came to Pakistan in August 1952 and settled in Karachi. She became teacher here and in 1953 she became Lecturer in Government College Friar Road Karachi. She was transferred to Government College Nazimabad in 1970 and she remained here till 1987. She became professor and then Principal of the same college and eventually retired.

Her major books are as under:


  1. Hadees e Dil
  2. Shahan e Be Taj
  3. Aurangabad


  1. Aik Larki
  2. Lal Bagh
  3. Zakhm e Hayat
  4. Sahil Ki Tammanna
  5. Gham e Dil Kaha Na Jaye
  6. Dard Na Jane Koi
  7. Kaffara


  1. Deepak Mehel
  2. Gagan Mehel
  3. Belay Ki Kahaniyan


  1. Aurat Aur Urdu Zuban

Sheri Majmuay:

  1. Mauj e Naseem
  2. Naat e Rasool

She died on 28 October 1996 and left unparalleled wealth of knowledge and information for others behind her.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

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Saints Discussed in the Book:

  1. Makhdoom Shah Nizam ud Din
  2. Hazrat Khawaja Hussain o Khawaja Umar
  3. Hazrat Momin e Arif Sahab
  4. Hazrat Pir Marwan ud Din
  5. Hazrat Jalal ud Din Ganj Rawan
  6. Hazrat Shah Khaksar Sahab
  7. Sheikh Bahao ud Din Ansari
  8. Hazrat Ameer Hassan Ala Sanjri
  9. Hazrat Bibi Ayesha Dukhtar e Naik Akhtar Baba Farid ud Din Ganje Shakar
  10. Hazrat Muntakhib ud Din Zar Zari Baksh
  11. Hazrat Farid ud Din Adeeb
  12. Hazrat Fakhar ud Din Iraqi
  13. Hazrat Raju Attal Hussaini
  14. Malik Ambar
  15. Hazrat Burhan ud Din Ghareeb (Bani Begum Ka Bagh)
  16. Hazrat Zain ud Din Dadoo Sherazi (Malik Raja)
  17. Khawaja Shams ud Din Fazal Ilah
  18. Hazrat Taj Muhammad Lashkari
  19. Hazrat Shah Noor Hamvi
  20. Hazrat Nizam ud Din Maqbool Elahi
  21. Hazrat Palang Posh Sahab
  22. Hazrat Baba Shah Musafir


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