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July 14, 2015

Read Online Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Makeup styles like other fashions and trends are changing; giving birth to a lot of new makeup styles, ranging from smoked to clean bare, and many other styles. Women always keep looking for the best style eye makeup because the eyes are the most prominent part of the face that affects your personality. Another reason for the existence of different eye makeup are different eye shapes, different colors need to be applied in different ways. It also depends on the choice of the person what kind of look you want to have the eye. Smokey eyes makeup is one of the glamorous styles that will suit women of all ages. An instantaneous change occurs in your eyes and in your sights too. This article describes the steps for smokey eyes makeup for your convenience.

First, which is also called as eyeshadow base, the application is the first step of eye makeup. Apply on the eyelid and skin around the eyes then mixed to obtain a uniform skin tone.
Eye shadow,
After priming, apply eye shadow dark gray color to be brilliant effect. Apply this color in the entire eyelid and then draw a line with a pencil, this pencil shade should be dark in color that the eye color already applied. A soft touch to the eyes is provided. Mix with eye shadow with the help of fingers or eyes makeup brush, but prefer to use the brush for clean look.
The use of colors,

There is a need for careful eye colors because dark colors are used in the smoky makeup. You can also use the silver color on the eyelid, but do not apply it in the outer corner of the crease. Smokey eyes makeup can be dark gray or blackish shade, the shade you choose is up to you.
Smoky and mixing,
To give your eyes a real smoky applying eye shadow dark gray or black on the outside crease color until mid brow bone of the eye and then start blending the lash line and do not forget match the color of your eyes with eye pencil line.
Eyeliner and mascara,
Second last step of eye makeup is to apply a liquid eyeliner line that must be drawn with a simple stroke then apply two coats of mascara on the end. Through these measures, women can apply makeup smokey eyes for parties or any evening meetings get.

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