Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Mubeen Rasheed PDF Download

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Mubeen Rasheed History Book PDF Download

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Mubeen Rasheed History Book PDF Download

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi is written by Mubeen Rasheed and shared in the category of History Books. Mubeen Rasheed Sultan Mehmood Ghaznavi PDF Download. Khak Aur Khoon Historic Urdu Novel PDF download is one of the best books on Islamic history.

But Shikan – Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi is the shining star of Islamic History. People of Sub Continent feel proud about him. He struck temple of Somnath, which was the symbol of pride for Hindus, 17 times in those difficult times. He paved the way of Islam in the Sub Continent. Biased Hindus portray him as a looter and decoit, on the other hand, he only tried to spread the word of Islam. When we study his life minutely the truth comes before our eyes.

Due to an increased relationship with India, we are removing historic chapters from our educational syllabus. This is a horrifying situation and in this way, our young generation will remain unaware of the great work of heroes. The culture of India is being imposed upon us through social as well as electronic media. In this scenario, the achievements of Muslim heroes should be presented to our children. India was not divided on the basis of revenge or any other humanitarian grounds. Sub Continent was divided on the basis of religion, language, and culture. According to Indian Historians Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi pioneered Hindu-Muslim conflict by attacking Somnat in 1029.

According to Ibn e Khaldoon Somnath temple had 30 circles and every circle depicted one thousand years. Its length was 700 cubic and it was 2 cubic beneath the ground. There were gold and silver gods all around it. There was a gold made ring bell at the gate of the building which was almost 8000 kilos in weight – Mubeen Rasheed

Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Mubeen Rasheed Urdu Novels 2018

Book Name: Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Novel

Information About PDF Book:

Book Name: Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi Novel
Writer: Mubeen Rasheed
Language: Urdu
Format: PDF

Writer: Mubeen Rasheed


Mubeen Rasheed is the most celebrated historical novelist of Pakistan. He wrote many books on Islamic history. It was very difficult to right on the life of Sultan Mahmood Ghaznavi. There was no good book available in the market on this topic so I decided to write this book. Ilm o Irfan founder Gul Faraz forcefully directed me to write this book. I do not claim that this is the best Urdu Book on Sultan Mahmood but I seriously tried to collect and present all the historical facts and figures about his life in one book. I hope to get a good response from your side as you gave to my first book Pakistan Zinda Rahe Ga. I will wait for your feedback РMubeen Rasheed.

He wrote mostly on historical topics. He wanted to impart historical knowledge to the young generation. He was a historian and a Pro-Islamic personality. All of his books are best-selling until today. He is considered the best historical novelist along with Muhammad Saeed and Qamar Ajnalvi.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

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