Summer Season Vegetable Farming Methods Mausam e Garma Sabzion Ki Kasht PDF

August 11, 2017

Summer Season Vegetable Farming Methods

Summer Season Vegetable Farming Methods Mausam e Garma Sabzion Ki Kasht PDF

Summer Season Vegetable Farming Methods is a free Agriculture Urdu book in PDF cultivating strategies In hot climate or summer season in Asia. Dr. Shahid Niaz urdu book regarding Garma Ki Sabzion Ki Kasht. Free download PDF or read online nursery cultivating or vegetable development techniques for effective cultivating in Pakistan. Learn techniques for cultivating for growing a vegetable garden and furthermore read the significance of cultivating vegetable horticulture or summer vegetable ranch tips and tricks and Answer Questions for vegetable agriculturists and read about worms and Insects / Diseases and Treatment in the native language of Urdu. Garma Ki Sabzion Ki Kasht Vegetable Production Urdu Book. You may also like to read about Gannay Ki Kasht and other Vegetable Cultivation


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Vegetable Farming Background.

Vegetable cultivation is the growing need of human these days. The training has begun in a small number of countries around the globe. This process started more than ten thousand years back, with families developing vegetables for their own particular utilization or to exchange locally. At first physical work was utilized however in time animals were tamed and the ground could be turned by the furrow. All the more as of late, automation has altered vegetable cultivating with almost all procedures having the capacity to be performed by machine. Authority makers develop the specific yields that do well in their area. New strategies, for example, aquaponics, Raised-bed gardening|raised overnight boardinghouses under glass are utilized. Showcasing should be possible locally in agriculturist’s business sectors, customary markets or pick-your-own particular operations, or ranchers can get their entire harvests to wholesalers, canners or retailers

Detail of Topics In Urdu:


Detail of Topics In English:

  1. Mirch Ki Kasht.
  2. Bhinidi Ki Kasht.
  3. Kheeray Ki Kasht.
  4. Karelay Ki Kasht.
  5. Ghiya Kadu Ki Kasht.
  6. Kharboozay Ki Kasht.
  7. Tarbooz Ki Kasht.
  8. Baingan Ki Kasht.
  9. Teenda Ki Kasht.
  10. Teendi Ki Kasht.
  11. Haldi Ki Kasht.
  12. Pethay Ki Kasht.
  13. Timatar Ki Kasht.
  14. Halwa Kadu Ki Kasht.
  15. Shakar Qandi Ki Kasht.
  16. Sabzion Ko Khushk Karne Ke Tareeqay.
  17. FAQs about vegetables.
  18. Benefits vegetable farming / cultivation.
  19. Profits of vegetable farming / cultivation.
  20. Vegetable prices tables, vitamins & minerals available in vegetables.
  21. Diseases of summer season vegetables and their eradication methods.
  22. Insects attacking summer season vegetables and their eradication methods


  • adnan August 19, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    nice book about agriculture / cultivation of vegetables. thanks for sharing.

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      Asalam o Alaikum!
      Dear its nice to hear from you. kitchen gardening and vegetable farming are becoming famous in Pakistan these days.

  • MADEEHA KANWAL December 16, 2017 at 7:32 pm

    nice book

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    Sir which kind of seeds purchase and from where we can gat……?

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