The Pathan By Abdul Ghani Khan History Book Download PDF


The Pathan By Abdul Ghani Khan

Download The Pathan Book Written By Abdul Ghani Khan. The most difficult part of writing is to know where to begin, just as the most difficult part of speaking is to know where to stop. Nothing is more irritating that than a blank sheet of paper staring stupidly into your face when you are bursting to write but cannot make up your mind how to set about.

I want to talk about the Pathan, the people I love, which makes my task harder than ever. I want you to love them as I do. But the Pathan is not easy to love. He takes a lot of knowing. His is a most complicated simplicity. I want to bring him down from the peaks of Khyber and the fields of Hashnager face to face with you, in his torn clothes and grass shoes, his eyes full of manliness, laughter and the devil, and his head full of a childish and noble pride. The chief camouflage he uses to hide his poverty and want. Yes, I want to bring him to you and make him talk to you of his struggle and his dreams, of love and feuds, his field and his watchtower, his new rifle and his old wife.




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