Tiger by Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi Complete 13 Parts download free pdf

Tiger by Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi Complete 13 Parts download free pdf

Tiger Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi Complete Urdu Novel PDF Download

Tiger Urdu Novel is written by Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi and shared in the category of Urdu Novels 2018. Tiger Urdu Novel by Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi is available for Reading online and PDF Download. Tiger Complete Urdu Novel PDF Download Free is written by Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi. It is a long serial novel published in a monthly magazine. This is another fantastic Urdu novel which contains love, romance, action, adventure, thrill, suspense, fantasy, and a beautiful moral lesson.

The story of the battle of good and evil powers released from the beginning. The story of a young energetic man who fights with Mafias for the love of his homeland. The moral is to fight till the end of your life for truth and honor. Tiger is a story of struggle and fights to survive. This long serial novel has 13 parts. You can download all parts of Urdu Novel Tiger one by one or download and read the online complete Tiger novel in single PDF.

Everyone knew that Inspector Shahzad was sentenced to death. Capital Police Chief told his close friends that he was made a scapegoat. No Police officer was punished like this before. He beat a drunk and the subject died due to serious injuries. Mostly in cases like these police officials are suspended or compulsorily retired from service. But Inspector Shahzad was sentenced to death – A glimpse from the novel.

Tiger Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi Urdu Novels 2018

Book Name: Tiger Urdu Novel

Information About PDF Book:

Book Name: Tiger PDF Download
Writer: Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi
Language: Urdu
Format: PDF

Writer: Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi


Mushtaq Ahmed Qureshi has written so many beautiful Urdu Stories which got published in different Monthly Urdu Magazines from Pakistan for a long long time. He is so famous that it is even impossible that any book lover from Pakistan did not know him. His famous Urdu Stories are Patal, Khoon Ki Piyasi and many more.

Author’s Complete Introduction:

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