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July 17, 2015

Download Tuhfa-e-Dulha ;Marriage Guide for Groom; Urdu Book Download

Download or read online Urdu book “TOHFA-e-Duhla” (gift for groom), Maulana Mufti Nizam Uddin of Shamzai. Tuhfa-e-Dulha is a book about leadership for the Muslim groom. This book is very important to be read by all Muslims. The author tells the methodology of marriage for the groom in the light of Islam. Since Islam is a complete way of life and marriage is a Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed PBUH therefore Islam has taught us the guidance of the marriage. There are many Islamic prayers to the marriage together in this book. You can also hold the secrets of married life pleasure. The author is a well known Islamic scholar from Karachi, Pakistan, who was martyred by terrorists in Karachi target killing over.

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