Udas Honay Kay Din Nahin Noshi Gilani Azad Shairi Book Free Download PDF


Udas Honay Kay Din Nahin Noshi Gilani Azad Shairi Book Free Download PDF

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Some Words About The Book:

Free download or read online Urdu poetry book “Udaas Honay Kay Din Nahi” and enjoy the beautiful story of Noshi Gilani who is a female Urdu poet and Urdu author from Pakistan. “Udas Honay Kay Din Nahi” is the Urdu title name of this Urdu poetry book which is the collection of the Urdu poetry of Ms Noshi Gilani who is best known for her romantic and sad Urdu poetry. This book has a huge collection of different type of poetry of Noshi Gilani.

Udas Honay Kay Din Nahi has best Urdu poets, Urdu Ghazals and other different type of Urdu poetry. This book is the masterpiece of Ms. Noshi Gilani who has collect her best Urdu poetry into this one book in Pdf format. The poetry in this Urdu book is very inspiring, interesting and attracting the reader because the Poet Noshi Gilani always uses easy Urdu words in her Urdu poetry that’s why her poetry are being appreciated by the youth in Pakistan. This Urdu book is for all those poetry lovers who can read and understand Urdu language.

Noshi Gilani is the author of Udas Honay Kay Din Nahin Hain. It is a poetry book. Noshi Gilani is a famous poet of Urdu. Now she is settled in Australia and working for the progress of Urdu poetry and literature.

Noshi Gilani wrote many poems, Ghazals, etc. She considers the poet of the young generation. Some of his poems translated into the English language. Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi patronaged her.

Noshi Gilani authored some good books like Mohabbatain Jab Shumar Karna, Pehla Lafz Mohabbat Likha, Hawa Chupke Se Kehti Hay, etc. He expressed the feelings and emotions of the women in his poems. She loved the nature and felt it enthusiastic. I hope you like the book Udas Honay Kay Din Nahin Hain.


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