Peer e Kamil | Download Pir e Kamil Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed

Peer e Kamil Download Pir e Kamil Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed

Book Name: Peer e Kamil

Author: Umera Ahmed

Peer e Kamil | Download Pir e Kamil Urdu Novel by Umera Ahmed

Peer e Kamil – If you are looking to download or read online Pir e Kamil novel by Umera Ahmad then this is the right place for you. You may download Pir e Kamil PDF written by Umera Ahmed from the links given below:

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Review 1:

Pir e Kamil or Peer e Kamil is a masterpiece Urdu novel written by Umera Ahmed. Peer e Kamil Urdu novel became so popular that it was translated into the English language. Umera Ahmed is a famous fiction writer from Pakistan, therefore, Many TV serials based on her novels have been telecasted.

Peer e Kamil means the perfect mentor in English. A Qadiyani Girl who was a student of medical becomes Muslim. The young girl faces a lot of resistance from her Qadiyani family. In the meanwhile, a young man from her neighbor comes to help her. The story of this novel revolves around the newly converted Muslim girl. The author Umera Ahmed has narrated the whole story fabulously.

Review 2:

Pir e Kamil meaning The fantastic Mentor is a novel written by Pakistani writer Umera Ahmad. Peer-e-Kamil-by-Umera-Ahmadwas initially printed in Urdu in 2004 afterward in English at 2011. The publication deals with all the turning points in the lives of two people: a runaway woman named Imama Hashim; along with a boy called Salar Sikander having an IQ of over 150. The story spans a time period of around ten decades. It is Ahmad’s hottest work. It is accompanied by a sequel Aab-e-Hayat.

She makes the decision to convert to Sunni Islam after being influenced by her friends. She attends her older shabiha’s lectures in secrecy from her loved ones along with her roommates, Javeria and Rabia. While researching in a medical college in Lahore, she falls in love with her friend Zainab’s elder brother physician Jalal Ansar. But Imam’s family tries to coerce her into marrying her first cousin Asjad, which is unacceptable for her , her parents respond with grounding her and carrying away her cellphone.

Umera Ahmad Novel

Imama seeks help from Salar whom she is antagonistic with since she’s a religious girl and Salar is not. He is a rich boy with an IQ level over 150. Imama wishes to wed Jalal, however, Salar is based on her that Jalal has married someone else. Salar helps her and marries her soon after loses contact.

Imama finds a refuge under Sibt-e-Ali along with his family. Later on, She changes her name and finishes her research and begins working in a pharmaceutical company in Lahore. She hates Salar since he refused to divorce her as he’d promised.

Salar, later on, travels to New Haven for instruction, then he works for United Nations for some time before settling in Lahore. Salar realizes that God has given him a blessed woman to be his companion, and vows to protect her.

Review 3:

This Novel brought Umera Ahmad in the zenith of her career and gave him a public identity. Umera Ahmad wrote the sequel to this novel in the title of Aab e Hayat. I think every Muslim and Urdu book reader must read these stories in his/her life.

Umera Ahmad is famous for his novel writing about the teaching of Islam. Peer e Kamil Novel is on the topic of Love for Rasool Allah SAW. The author gave the name of Peer e Kamil to the Prophet of Islam.

About The Story Of The Book Pir e Kamil Novel:

The plot of the story Peer e Kamil pdf contains a real love for Allah and his Holy Prophet (Peer e Kamil). The life of an Ahmadi girl Imama Hashim changed due to meeting with a teacher name Shabeeha. Imama Hashim embraced Islam secretly. She has fear about her family to acceptance her change of religion.

The family of Imama knew about her religion change and kept off her in the home. In this trouble, Imama contacted to a boy named Salar Sikandar. She asked him to meet with Jalal Ansar, a doctor. Imama fell in love with Jalal Ansar. She wanted to marry him. Ansar gave her false information about the marriage of Jalal Ansar to another girl.

Pir e Kamil pdf

Imama now agreed to marry to Salar but after the wedding, she saw the real and cruel face of Salar. Imama left home and sheltered by a noble family. After some time, Salar Sikandar felt that Imama was a good girl, and he didn’t respect her. Salar met with Imama and asked for an apology.

Imama forgave him for his evils. Both of them started to live happily together. In this, Salar imagines that they are standing in front of Kaaba. He felt that Imama was the blessing of Allah for him. It was the time when he found the secret of Peer e Kamil.

It was the rise of the story when the lover became a real Muslim. The book Peer e Kamil pdf contains a superhit Naat also. This Naat changed the life of Imama Hashim. She often listens to this Naat and encouraged by his poetry.

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